About Daniel Malka


Daniel has lived and worked as an award winning advertising and editorial photographer in Paris, Madrid, Montreal and Toronto. His extensive travel and work culture facilitate his ability to communicate with his subjects and his clients.

Daniel’s creative experience of over twenty years as well as his passion for fine arts, theatre, dance, and cinema has enabled him to develop his spontaneity and his unique and timeless vision as a photographer. His work is considered sensual elegant, emotional and romantic. He has a unique way to tell stories in his photographs.

Daniel has worked for countless editorial and advertising clients around the world, including Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

Daniel’s portfolio of commercial clients includes: Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen, Coca Cola, Nestle, Absolut, Gillette, Ray Ban, Cartier Paris, Canal Plus, Vichy, Wella, Alberto, Amaretto, Stella Artois, Chapters ,Sony, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, The Royal Bank of Canada, The Bank of Montreal,General Motors, Volvo, Renault, Rolls Royce and Shell Oil.

He is generally brought in at the beginning of the creative process to help develop a new image and branding for many clients.

He has won many awards including a gold Alpha for his 52 ad Cadillac campaign, a silver marketing award for a 35 ad Chapter’s campaign, a silver Laus for his Canal Plus campaign in Spain, and many others including editorial awards as well.

His personal work has been exhibited in Madrid, Paris (Cartier Foundation),Toronto and Montreal.

Daniel has been a professor of photography and worked in the last three years on various personal projects such as VOYAGE shot in the Sahara desert,  is currently preparing 2 shows as well as publishing his book, an emotional, humanistic and creative photo documentary on Mexico En La Sombra Del Tiempo, In The shadow of Time and MEXICO DOUBLE EXPOSURES.


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